Performing a benefit concert at Harvard University.

March 25, 2018


We were honored to perform at Harvard University, a benefit concert for Syrian refugees, which was organized by The Harvard Society of Arab Students. It was an amazing night, Special thanks to Harvard Society of Arab Student.







Yousef was accompanied by: 

· Yaser Abustief (Violin)
· Khaled Khalifeh (Violin) 

. Tony Barhoum (Kanun) 

. Nadya Kourani (Violin) 
· Naseem Alatrash (Cello)
· Mohamed A Alsiadi (Oud)
· Thaer Bader (Oud)
· Jawad Bohsina (Keyboard)
· George Radi (Percussion)
· Joseph Ibrahim (Percussion) 
· Mohamed Nabawy (Accordion)



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